Sunday, 6 March 2011

PSP LCFW (For PSP 3000's, PSP go's, and Unhackable PSP 2000's)

(6.20 TN-D by Total_Noob)
- Added homebrew icon (thanks to PhysXPSP).
- Added full PSone gaming support (PSN PSone games, converted PSone games).
ICON0.PNG will be replaced if it isn’t 80×80, else pops.prx causes a crash (custom icon by PhysXPSP).
- Added KEYS.BIN creation (possibility to share PSN PSone games).
- Added possibility to resume unofficial PSone games on PSPgo.
- Added plugins support for PSone games.
- Added TiltFX(motion controller) and Action Replay(cheat device) support (thanks to HacKmaN).
- Added possibility to translate TN VSH Menu.
- Added possibility to use own font table for TN VSH Menu.
- Fixed flash0 protection bug.
- Fixed 32gb memory stick incompatibility.
- Fixed bug that causes a crash when you suspend the device (manually) in TN VSH Menu.
- Increased large memory to 51mb


(6.35 PRO-B2 by Coldbird and Virtuous Flame )
———————— PSP Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO-B has just been release to the homebrew community . PSP CFW 6.35 PRO-B is the latest PSP Custom Firmware to be release by PSP Developer VirtuousFlame who has decided to release a updated version of his popular CFW to the homebrew community . This PSP CFW 6.35 PRO-B now has PSX support and offer a bit more better compatibility and stability then previous version . If you are using a older version of PSP CFW 6.35 PRO, then is recommended to update to the latest version which is now 6.35 PRO-B.

  • [!] PSP Go can now resume paused PS1 EBOOTs
  • [+] New Recovery Menu Option to prevent PSP Go Savestate Deletion
  • [+] New Recovery Menu Option to disable Analog Stick (to prevent broken Analog Sticks from ruining your game)
  • [+] Heavily improved Plugin Compatiblity (give your previously unworking stuff a try)
  • [+] Added Recovery Menu Entry to XMB Menu